L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (tvN 2021) Episode 12 [COMPLETE]

watch L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (tvN 2021) english subtitle

  • Title: 루카: 더 비기닝 / Ruka: Deo Bigining (Luca: The Beginning)
  • Genre: Crime, mystery, suspense
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: tvN
  • Premier: 2021-Feb-01
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00
  • Kim Rae Won as Ji Oh
  • Lee Da Hee as Haneuleui Goo Reum
  • Kim Sung Oh as Lee Son
People around Ji Oh
  • Ahn Chang Hwan as Won Yi (Ji Oh’s friend)
People around Goo Reum
  • Lee Hae Young as Oh Jong Hwan
People around Lee Son
  • Jung Da Eun as Yoo Na
  • Kim Min Kwi as Teo
  • Lee Joong Ok as Hwang Shik
LUCA Project
  • Park Hyuk Kwon as Kim Chul Soo
  • Ahn Nae Sang as Ryu Joong Kwon
  • Jin Kyung as Hwang Jung Ah
Crime Unit Team 1
  • Kim Sang Ho as Choi Jin Hwan
  • Hwang Jae Yul as Kim Yoo Chul

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