Bossam: Steal the Fate (MBN 2021) Episode 20 [COMPLETE]

DRAMA Bossam: Steal the Fate

Ba-Woo (Jung Il-Woo) is a degenerate man. He gambles, steals, fights and will do bossam (customary remarriage procedure where a widow is kidnapped) for money. He hides his real identity. While performing a bossam, he mistakenly kidnaps Princess Soo-Kyung (Kwon Yuri). She is the daughter of Prince Gwanghae and the daughter-in-law of his enemy Lee Yi-Cheom. For a secret political agreement, she married the older brother of a man she loved, but, on the day of her wedding, her husband died. She then became a widow.
  • Title: 보쌈 – 운명을 훔치다 / Bossam – Unmyeong-eul Humchida
  • Also known as: Bossam – Stealing Fate
  • Genre: Drama, historical, romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: MBN
  • Premier: 2021-May-01
  • Air time: Saturday and Sunday 21:40
Main Cast
  • Jung Il Woo as Ba Woo (late 20s)
  • Kwon Yoo Ri as Princess Soo Kyung (mid 20s)
  • Shin Hyun Soo as Lee Dae Yup (late 20s)
Supporting Cast
  • Lee Jae Yong as Lee Yi Chum (Dae Yup’s father)
  • Kim Tae Woo as Gwanghaegun of Joseon (Soo Kyung’s father)
  • Song Sun Mi as Kim Kae Si (a court lady)
  • Myung Se Bin as Hae In Dang of Lee Clan (Lee Yi Chum’s younger sister)
  • Lee Joon Hyuk as Choon Bae
  • Shin Dong Mi as Court Lady Jo
  • So Hee Jung as Royal Consort So Eui (Soo Kyung’s mother)
  • Yang Hyun Min as Kim Ja Jum
  • Go Dong Ha as Cha Dol
  • Seo Bum Shik as royal guard
  • Park Myung Shin as Madam Kim
  • Choi Yun Kyu as Won Yup
  • Yoon Joo Man as Tae Chul

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